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8/4/2018 Sandi and Aaron Wedding\

7/28/2018 Pocono Raceway Kid’s Day

7/14/2018 Erin and Joe Wedding

6/30/2018 Francine Gabriel 

6/21/2018 Holy Rosary Block Party

5/4/2018 Lackawanna College Spring Fling

10/23/2016 Geisinger NICU

8/14/2016 Lackawanna College Homecoming

8/28/2016 Lackawanna College

6/25/2016 Kondash/Petrulsky Wedding

6/18/2016 Arnold/Wilson Wedding

6/11/2016 Fogarty/Bressler Wedding

5/20/16 Riverside Prom

5/07/16 Western Wayne Prom

5/06/16Lackawanna Trail Prom

5/06/16 Tunkhannock Prom

12/12/2015 Cabot Oil

12/08/2015 Let It Show

11/6/2015 Spirit of Hope

10/22/2015 Arc Gala

10/07/2015 Navient (Red)

10/07/2015 Navient (Gold)

10-03-2015 University of Scranton, Res Fest 2015

9/26/2015 Emma’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party

9/19/2015 Jess and Wally’s Wedding

9/19/2015 Eddie and Cait’s Wedding

9/6/2015 Emma and Taylor’s Wedding

8/25/2015 Bank of America

8/15/2015 Dave and Jen

7/18/2015 Emily’s Graduation Party

7/12/2015 Donnie’s Graduation Party

2015/07/03 Adam and Heather’s Wedding

2015/06/27 Marc and Crystal’s Wedding

2015-06-20 Kelly and Randy’s Wedding

2015-06-13 Alyssa’s Graduation Party

2015-05-30 Mike and Rosa Wedding Reception

2015-05-30 Morgan’s 21’s B-day

2015-05-29 Tunkhannock Area High School 2015 Prom

2015/05/09 Ashley and Ellide

2015/05/05 Girl’s Night Out Scranton

2015/05/02 Brianna’s Sweet Sixteen

2015/05/02 Western Wayne High School’s Junior/Senior Prom

2015/04/25 Eta Zeta Formal 2015

2015/04/25 Kelly and Geoff’s Wedding

2015/03/14 Caleigh’s Sweet Sixteen

2015/01/10 TCMC Semi Formal

2014/12/13 Cabot Oil and Gas Christmas Party

2014/11/23 Jonahs Bar Mitzvah

2014/11/08 All About Phil

2014/10/25 Chris & Jenna

2014/10/12 Carly’s Sweet 16

2014/10/11 TAHS Class of 1989 25th Class Reunion

2014/10/04 Alexandria and William

2014/09/20 Brad and Julia

2014/09/20 Christine and Richard

2014/09/13 Paul and Deb

2014/09/13 Shelley and Jared

2014/08/23 Wallenpaupack 1999 Class Reunion

2014/08/23 Sam and Jess

2014/08/16 John and Alexandra

2014-07-26 Mia’s Little Heart

2014-07-25 Jerry’s Graduation Party

2014-07-24 Penn Foster School

2014-06-28  Jamie and Pete

2014-06-27 Danielle and Zachary

5/25/2014 Kelly and John

05-17-2014 Lindsay and Mike

05-17-2014 Adams 16th Birthday

04-02-2014 A Night With the Wizards

03-29-2014 Janice and Joyce 50th Bday

02-08-2014 Mid Valley Semi Formal

2013/08/24 Riley’s Sweet 16

2013/08/24 Heather and Greg

2013/08/10 Sara and Ryan

2013/07/21 Rolling Thunder PA 3 – Salute to Veterans Ride XIV

2013/07/13 Dylan’s Graduation Party

2013/07/13 Hannah’ Graduation Party

2013/07/12 Melissa and Colin

2013/06/22 Mr & Mrs Jeff Naperski

2013/06/15 Ryan and Alison

2013/06/14 Abington High School

2013/06/12 Gino Merli Veterans Home Week

2013/6/1 Joelle and Billy

2013/5/25 Lisa and Billy

2013/05/18 Rebecca and Mark

2013/05/18 Kristin and Ryan

2013/05/04 Honesdale High School Prom

2013/04/19 MDA Black and Blue Ball

2012/11/24 West Scranton Class Reunion

10/06/2012 Marie and Ryan

10/05/2012 Beth and Mike

9/29/2012 Tammy and Alan

9/28/2012 Tiffany and Joe

8/18/12 Katey and Charlie

8/11/12 Bria and Adam

8/4/12 Elizabeth and John

7/28/12 Rachelle and Matthew

7/28/12 Bobbie and Owen

7/22/12 Jackie and Matt

7/21/12 Anya and Andrew

7/21/12 Anita and Mark

7/15/12 Rolling Thunder

7/14/12 Caitlin and Joe

7/13/12 Don and Cyndi

7/13/12 Danny and Lindsay

7/7/12 Alyssa’s Sweet Sixteen

6/30/12 Ally’s Graduation Party

6/27/12 Gino Merli Veteran’s Center

6/23/12 Chad and Lorrie

6/9/12 Pocono Raceway

6/9/12 Kelli and Stephen

6/9/12 Cancer Survivor Day

Abington Heights Class of 2012

Jennifer and Michael 5/26/12

Christine and Fred 5/26/12

Gen and Phil 5/25/2012

Sarah and Andy 5/19/12

Ali and Kevin 5/19/12

Molly and Russ 5/12/12

Anna and Edwin 5/12/12

Lynn’s Birthday 2012

WYCCC Block Party 2012

MDA Black and Blue Ball

Sarah’s Sweet 16 2/3/12

Matt and Erica 11/19/2011

Mary’s Sweet 16 10/29/2011

Halloween 10/28/2011

Halloween 10/21/2011

Olivia’s Sweet 16

Megan and Joey

Laurie and Jason

Holli and Jonathan

Kyle and Michelle

Arianna and Amanda

Lindsey and Billy

Sandy and Jason

Carolyn and Will

Ashley and Ralph

Jessica and Dustin

Julia’s Sweet 16

Monica and Steve

Trevor and Jaime

Lindsay and Matt

Andrea and Alex

Michelle and Dante

Ashley and Nathan

Amy’s Graduation Party

Alexis and Kent 6/25/2011

Keri and Rob 6-24-11

Pocono Raceway’s Kids Day

Maggie’s Graduation Party

Lynne and Chris

Kristen and Tony

Frank and Mauri

2011 Mpix Meet Up

Chessa’s Sweet 16 Party

Mr. and Mrs. Kreischer

Sarah and Frank

Xan’s Sweet Sixteen

Jess and Jason

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